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Between 15th and 21st March 2014, 120 students in International Business from HELMo, Institut Sainte-Marie, a Business University College located in Liège, Wallonia, Belgium, will be in the Hungarian capital city.

Their objective is to develop and reinforce bilateral trade between Belgium and Hungary. With products ranging from abbey beers to agricultural dryers to waste water treatment plants, 30 companies have agreed to trust those future professionals in international business.

This one-week stay in Hungary represents the materialization of a 5-monthlong meticulous preparation in Belgium. No doubt that this experience will also be decisive as it will give them an insight into their future job.
The trade fair, held in the lounges of the Intercontinental Hotel (Budapest) on Wednesday 19th March and enhanced by the presence of the Ambassador of Belgium to Hungary, HE Johan Indekeu, will undoubtedly be its peak moment.

Language command, knowledge of the product, but also boldness and selfconfidence will be the main assets to persuade Hungarian entrepreneurs of the reliability of their approach.

Fully convinced that immersion in the business world is the best teaching ever, HELMo, this Liège-based University College, has been organizing this life-size exercise in various Eastern and Central European countries for over 20 years now.

That expertise has allowed the educational institution to rely on the financial and logistical support of the AWEX, Wallonia Foreign Trade and Investment Agency.

Both a genuine human and pedagogical experience, this learning process is paving the way for the professional life of tomorrow’s economic players.

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